Broke people and wealthy people talk differently.

They always have.

All wealth is built through conversation. What we say, how we say, and how certain we are about the things we say. Vision is the container that provides results. Poverty based thinking is more about pointing out problems than offering direction or solutions.

The way people talk in turn affects the way they think. Words are just an outward projection of the way we see the world and can be a major deciding factor in if we enjoy the success of a financially independent life or not.

Here are 5 different things broke people say that keep them poor.

He/She is so lucky AND I am not lucky

Some people think wealth is a game of luck. They might say that someone else was just “lucky”, or that it’s the family they were born into, or how they just met the right person. That’s the scarcity mindset, the greatest destroyer of wealth. Thinking with scarcity puts people in a survival mindset and comes with the belief that the game is always rigged, always making them think about what others are doing right or wrong, instead of what they can do for others. Most people today are not rich by circumstances of birth, marriage, prize money, or any other kind of “luck”. According to John Bowen, 92% of people worth more than $5 million today own a business.

I Can’t Afford It

People can actually “afford it” a lot of the time, but the belief and expression that you can’t are common in our conversations. Imagine the difference it would make if more people started saying things like “how could I afford it?”, or “what kind of value would I have to create to be able to have that in my life?”. The phrase is a debilitating declaration that shuts down all possibility and resourcefulness. People stop thinking about how they can adapt or create more value, and where they can make a difference. That kind of “shrinking” thinking keeps people broke.

I Don’t Have Time

When I was younger I did all I possibly could to scrimp and save money. I spent all my time trying to think of where and how I could spend less cash. I spent all my time worrying about saving money at the expense of being a better business owner, a better investor, and developing my unique contribution to the world. There was a paradigm shift where I focused on the latter and saw a jump in my progress. We all have the same amount of time, different amounts of energy, and different priorities. It’s about where you put your time, not how much you have. Assess your situation. Do you know how to delegate? Do you know your priorities and how to prioritize? What distractions are taking from your time (dramatic friends, social media, unnecessary projects or taking on too many projects, etc)? When people believe it is all about hard work, they become addicted to busyness and make the mistake of choosing activity over productivity. Hard work and the wrong philosophy doesn’t create wealth, it creates limitation.

If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

This happens when people lack trust in others, don’t spend time with the right people, or don’t have the skills to hire properly. If you want something done right, find someone who can do it better, especially if it is something that drains you. This is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none type of mentality. This is working hard, yet not doing what you do best. This limits the possibility of building something substantial due to constraint.


Broke people complain. People, politics, money, and just in general. Don’t get wrapped up in a conversation about what’s wrong, but rather look for ways to be a part of a solution. This is a big difference between the wealthy and the broke. It’s not that wealthy people don’t complain, or that there’s never a time they don’t know something, or that they don’t ever feel like they don’t have time for things. The wealthy just have a different way of seeing it and asking the questions, and then they commit to a different conversation . To fix a habit of complaining you have to know your value. This will give you the power to preserve your time and focus on what you can do over what you don’t have control of. You are in the driver seat of your life, you’re the author. When you are in control, there’s nothing to complain about.

Most importantly for changing your way of thinking from broke to wealthy is to know what I like to call your “Soul Purpose”. Your Soul Purpose is your values, abilities, and passion all geared towards your highest ideal for living. This is your purpose and vision. The more insight you gain into your Soul Purpose, the more wealthy your mind and life will become.

This article was written by Garrett Gunderson from Forbes and was legally licensed by AdvisorStream through the NewsCred publisher network.

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